L'Etape 2018 Club Teams

The club wants to encourage as many members entering this year as possible and has decided to offer a $55 subsidy to every member who signs up for the Early Bird pricing.

What do you need to do?


1. Be a financial club member 2. Sign up and pay for Early Bird entry by 24 July 3. Provide entry receipt to club (Ian Brandon) for reimbursement by 31 August 4. Race in Club Kit


1. Confirm your participation/team by next Wednesday 19th 2. Be a financial club member 3. The club will then enter and pay for all teams by 24 July 4. Team member will need to then pay the club $200 ride or $230 race by 31 August 5. Race in Club kit

Please confirm your entry or if you missed the Brewery night let me know if you want to sign up.

We need to have teams settled and confirmed by the 19th.

Reply post or my contact details - harrynjuli@bigpond.com or 0423 422 860

Teams @ 22/8/18


James London

Michael Williamson

Lachlan Harrigan

Simon Plum

Anthony Evans Brad Frazer

Michael Quinlan

Wayne Grech

Sheryl Rotondo

Craig Stonestreet

Rohan Pidcock

RIDE – SOLO Kirsten Seaver

RIDE – TEAM 1 (may need 1 or 2 more riders#) Allison Lane Gary Pearson Gail Pearson Michael Noy Alan Murton

Vanessa Knee

Ian Brandon

Kent Carpenter

Stuart Janes

Steve Truscott

Michael Henley

Jason Abbott

RIDE – TEAM 2 Allan Davis Nigel Rae Chelsea Rae Andrew Rae Marty Firle

Cyd Pearson

Don Killen Ken Moon Chris Walsh Andrew Harrigan

Rebecca Rae

Dave Callaghan

RIDE - TEAM 3 (need more riders) Jeff Niven

Jane Scheer

Shawn Marleen Joint-Davis

Gavin Hutley

Eddie Jesiolowski

Bill Hunter

Bart Rochowczyk

Pascal Phillips

Ross Ford

Dan Nicholls

Felix Bachmann

Iain McGuire

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